What’s A G-Wolves Hati-S Plus ACE Gaming Mouse Like?

Featuring The Brand New PixArt PAW3395

TechPowerUp have been busily reviewing mice and keyboards, as you can see in the links below.  One of the mice they reviewed is from G-Wolves. who have been around since 2018 but certainly haven’t received much coverage.  Their new wireless Hati-S Plus ACE uses Zippy DF3-P1L1 button switches and the new PixArt PAW3395 sensor, capable of up to 26,000 CPI.

The mouse comes with an impressive assortment of extras which include a wireless extender, two USB Type-C to Micro-USB adapters, a set of grip tape, sticker, several sets of replacement feet and even a replacement battery, all in addition to the wireless receiver.  They also chose software which doesn’t require installation, just an EXE, which lets you modify click latency, CPI settings, polling rate (up to 1000Hz) and to remap your buttons.

If you are looking for a lightweight wireless mouse under 50g the Hati-S Plus ACE received high marks from TPU.  The only negative they had was that the mouse sells for $130, which is a bit extreme for a wireless mouse of this type.

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