The Iceberg Thermal IceSLEET G6 Stealth Heatsink Is Almost As Big As It’s Name

No RGBs And Black Anodization Make A Stealthy Cooler

Iceberg Thermal have created a heatsink for those that prefer a subdued system, the IceSLEET G6 Stealth.  The cooler sports six direct contact heatpipes and a single 140mm fan, which must be removed for installation and then popped back on.  It is compatible with just about any modern platform and The FPS Review had an easy time attaching it; no interference with their RAM either.

The performance is quite good, even when the fan speed was reduced though at the slowest possible setting it does get outperformed.   It is also very good at taming overclocked CPUs, a Ryzen 7 2700 at t 4.1GHz only hit 71C.  The aural performance of the IceSLEET G6 Stealth is also quite good, the highest sound pressure detected was 47.4 dBa.  The $65 price tag makes this about the best single fan cooler that The FPS Review has ever seen.

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