Today It Is Microsoft’s Surface Pro X Cameras Dying Suddenly

It’s Slightly Less Devastating Than Data Loss, But Still …

Owners of the Microsoft Surface Pro X are finding that their cameras suddenly stop working altogether.  The problem started this week, and many have been trying to determine the root cause.  It is definitely not the driver, reinstallation of various versions has not restored functionality for anyone experiencing the issue.  

Instead it seems to be a certificate which has expired, for rolling back the system date to before May 22nd does bring the camera back, for a while.  Rolling back the date has negative effects however, as there are a number of authentication methods which require an accurate date.  It also only lasts until your clock rolls over to the 23rd. 

If you, or someone you know has a Surface Pro X with this issue you shouldn’t spend too much time troubleshooting as we now know it is nothing you can easily fix.

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