Radeon RX 7600, Two New GPUs In One Week!

Surprise!  It’s $30 Cheaper Than the RTX 4060 Ti And Not In The Same Class

AMD have now released the high and low end of their RDNA 3 family, with nothing yet in the middle.  Don’t let the somewhat similar release dates fool you, it is not intended to compete against NVIDIA’s newest card.  The fact it is $130 cheaper is a dead giveaway.  Instead the RX 7600 is meant to compete against the older RTX 3060 which costs $310 or more, and AMD’s previous generation RX 6600 that was released at $330 and can now be had for just over $200.

With that in mind, the RX 7600 proves to be somewhat interesting, as long as you game at 1080p.  It leaves the previous generation GPU in the dirt, out performing it across the board by a more significant percentage than NVIDIA’s new card.  The RX 7600 could be considered an upgrade from an RX 6600, which definitely cannot be said about the RTX 4060 Ti.  If you like to turn ray tracing on, the RX 6700 is better than last generation but still needs FSR to give you playable frame rates, and is still often outperformed by the older RTX 3060.

If you game at higher resolutions then you are going to want to wait until AMD fills in the gaps of their RDNA 3 family.  On the other hand if you want a card that easily fits in a small form factor system and have a low end card from a generation or three back, you could consider this card.

Two very different launches of two different products does make for a good tech week, regardless if you are impressed, disappointed or indifferent. 

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