Way To Go Right To Repair! Logitech And iFixit Officially Partner Up

A Partnership Which Brings Good News

Today iFixit and Logitech officially announced a partnership designed to provide owners of Logitech kit a source for replacement parts and repair instructions for a variety of their products.   They did not include every device they made, but should soon be able to buy parts for some of your kit.  iFixit does already have a number of Logitech products listed on their site, many of which provide details on how to get spare parts and how to install them but they haven’t been official.  That should soon change thanks to this partnership.

Starting some time this summer, iFixit will post the official repair guides for the Logitech MX Master and MX Anywhere mice.  These will be the first of what we hope will be many more devices to appear thanks to this partnership.  The given reason for this decision is to reduce e-waste, which is a good enough reason on it’s own.  It is even better when you consider the possibility that it was the Right to Repair movement that created the pressure to provide parts and guides.  Regardless, this is a rare win-win situation.

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