Microsoft officially Lets Windows 11 on Apple Silicon Macs

Windows made available for Macs

Enterprise professionals have been hoping for Microsoft to allow the use of Windows on Apple Silicon Macs through Alludo’s Parallels Desktop, and now that hope has been fulfilled. Parallels Desktop is now an authorized solution for Arm versions of Windows 11 on Macs with M-series processors, making it easier for enterprises with mixed fleets to upgrade to Macs across the company and support legacy Windows apps on the new Apple computers.

Increase Market Share

This move is especially important given the growing market share of Macs in the enterprise, which has seen a 60% increase between 2019-22, according to IDC data. The compatibility between Mac and Windows systems has become a business priority, and Microsoft has introduced support for Windows on M-series Macs via Parallels as a result. Microsoft has been consistently improving its support for Apple’s new processors across its products, and this move is a smart one given the increasing adoption of Apple hardware in the workplace.

Microsoft has confirmed that both Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise editions are supported via Parallels Desktop, with some limitations such as virtualized Android and Linux within the Windows environment not being fully supported, and 32-bit Arm apps for Windows not being compatible. The integration between Windows 11 and Parallels Desktop appears to be seamless, with easy installation and configuration from within the Parallels environment, although a separate purchase and activation of Windows 11 is required.

The installation process utilizes a virtual TPM chip for security and takes advantage of the strong security features built into Macs. IT admins deploying Windows Enterprise will need a volume license agreement to download Windows from Microsoft, which can be accessed through the Volume Licensing Service Center or the Microsoft 365 admin center. Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac is available for purchase on the website or from authorized resellers in Standard, Pro, and Business editions.

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