Genoa, The AMD EPYC Embedded Version

Assuming Your Embedded Setup Can Handle More Than 300W

The AMD EPYC Embedded 9004 series very much resembles the current Genoa processors on the market.  With models like the 9354P and 9654 the naming conventions are familiar though the form factor is unique.  The core counts are also as you would expect, with the low end 7354P sporting 23 cores while the top chip sports 96 cores.

The feature set is also similar, without much that stands out to make EPYC Embedded a totally new thing.  That it maintains support for all of the full version of EPYC is great.  The one thing that is unique to this series is the lifetime, these should be available for the next seven years.  That means AMD will continue to maintain the processors and ensure that they remain secure if new vulnerabilities are discovered.  This is key to embedded applications, as we have seen all to many cases of embedded hardware in IoT devices support dropping long before the devices stop being available.

ServeTheHome has some slides for you to enjoy here.

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