Forgot To Set My Alarm Again? Where Is My Mind!

It’s Friday And We Could Use A Laugh

Over at The Register is an amusing story, perfect for those hours before the start of the weekend.  A Pixel owner is being plagued by The Pixies, though it took him some time to figure it out; who blames pixies for electronical weirdness these days?   As it turns out, the phone was set to use Spotify songs for a morning alarm sound instead of an annoying noise.  However every once and a while the alarm failed to go off, even though it was set to.  Queue the bizarre answer after one more detail, the Pixel no longer requires you to say “Hey Google” before issuing commands.

Those of you familiar with The Pixies have probably just figured out what’s up, those who are not should click right here and then come back; feel free to listen to the whole thing.

Yes, that was enough to get the phone to obey, and thus no musical awakening.  On the plus side the sleepy user did get an apologetic Tweet from the band because of his findings.

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