Crucial Launches X9 Pro and X10 Pro Portable SSDs with Speeds up to 2100 MB/s

The Crucial X9 Pro Portable SSD

If you don’t need (or can’t make use of) Gen2x2 speed, the Crucial X9 Pro is a more conventional – and more affordable – offering, with up to 1050 MB/s sequential speeds and a very compact and lightweight design.

These X9 Pro drives are also available in the same capacities as the X10 Pro, with 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB models available. As to pricing, the current discount takes the Crucial X9 Pro 1TB to $79.99 USD, with the 2TB at $129.99 USD, and the 4TB at $239.99 USD.

10 Gbps USB-C is extremely common, particularly in the modern laptop space, and this is more than fast enough for photos. You just can’t have enough bandwidth when you are working with ever-higher resolution video in various high-bitrate formats, but RAW photos do quite well from a 10 Gbps portable SSD like these.

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