Who Needs CES, Check Out Vintage Computer Festival East

This Should Pique Sebastian’s Interest

It might come as a shock but there was recently a reason to visit New Jersey; the Vintage Computer Festival East took place last weekend at their InfoAge Science and History Museum.  The exhibits featured a huge array of technology from years past, most of which you couldn’t touch however there was a consignment area as well that you could pick up any retro-tech that you needed in your life.

Hackaday fought the crowds to take a look and took quite a few pictures of what they saw, which you can check out here.  This tour doesn’t feature the technical issues which plagued this year’s Vintage Computer Festival East for those looking to pick up hardware, which were eventually resolved.   This may just be the first post of a series, as there is apparently more to share; if you have a love of ancient tech you should keep an eye out.

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